Monday, November 4, 2019

Ethical opinions on computer confidentiality in health care Essay

Ethical opinions on computer confidentiality in health care - Essay Example The patient should be informed immediately upon the availability of the computerized database. Proper explanations should be given to the patient regarding the accurate and dependable medical data that the computerized database can give in order to support the health care of patients. At the same time, the potential hazards or risks of the computerize database should also be explained to the patient in the spirit of clarity and fairness. This way, the patient will have the freedom to choose whether or not he or she would want to utilize and be included in the medical database or not (Drozdenko 4). Whatever the decision of the patient would be, pressuring him or her to make an immediate choice would be unethical, and so the decision of the patient and the relatives has to be respected. Corrections in the time and date must be marked and stamped because this will aid in the management of patient's health evaluation procedures. Any mistake or miscalculated time and date could be fatal for the patients and their families. The stamping of corrections somehow acts as a precaution during the process of the patient's recovery at the hospital.

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